A Unified Theory of the Social Sciences

George McMillan

What if you could combine economics, political science and the social sciences into a single predictive framework?

What if you could add data and resources from many different disciplines into a predictive analysis system and model them together?

George McMillan’s Unified Theory provides an approach to accomplishing this long desired goal by recognizing that all of these are endeavors of human beings and have underpinnings in human psychology.

While the actualization of such a framework is still extraordinarily complex, McMillan’s work shows what is possible and how cause/effect can be expanded across boundaries that were once impassible.

McMillan’s work over the past 25 years has gathered quite a following in the U.S. and Europe.


The Possibilities of Unification

McMillan's quest

About George McMillan

The Adventure Begins
  1. Research Goals

    Over 25 years of research into analytical frameworks, social systems, and the general fabric of the economic/political system. His work on unification theory has been recognized at the highest levels, presented at multiple conferences and included in peer reviewed journals.  He is currently working with commercial and academic entities to actualize his theories into useful predicitve frameworks for use in the financial markets, political campaigns and social research

  2. Security Specialist and Weapons Expert

    McMillan has advised and operated in high risk areas, including Iran and Afghanistan. He has over 30 different weapons and security certifications and is highly sought after in the security field. He currently consults with Aegis Defense Services in Afghanistan.

  3. Future

    Goerge is currenlty in collaborations with various organizations including Impact Analytics and the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences